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Community News

Community News:
Neighborhood Friendly Reminders
  • Prior to any construction on your property, which includes new fence, barn, out-building, or residence, a Building Application MUST be completed and submitted to the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) for approval. The forms are found on this site.


  • If you are clearing your property or having several large trees cut down, please have the debris hauled off your property and not placed in the easement.


  • Please rake up your swale area after debris pick up to ensure the remaining debris does not interfere with the mowing of the easement, AND to ensure it will be picked up the following week by SWA (Solid Waste Authority).


  • Please take in garbage cans within 24 hours of pick up.


  • Please keep dogs on a leash or secured in your yard per Palm Beach County Animal Control.


  • For horse safety,¬†please use bridal paths and refrain from walking horses on roadway. Horses and vehicles pose significant danger.


  • Please do not plant or place objects in any easement, which includes your ingress/egress easement and the bridal path easement.


  • No temporary structures permitted, which includes containers.


  • There have been coyote sightings. Please secure outside pets, fowl, etc., and their food products.


  • If you see any suspicious activity or suspicious persons, please call 911 immediately.